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A few decades back, solar powered homes were a rarity. But with growing concern over climatic changes, along with increased support from government and local authorities, solar panels have become a commonplace across residential units. They reduce carbon footprint, and helps to save energy costs over a longer period of time.

But with all this positive resonance, anyone would feel a little jumbled about how to get solar panel installation in NYC, or anywhere. Let us help you out with this brief and introductory guidance.

What are solar panels?

They are photovoltaic (PV) cells, that transforms heat from the sun’s rays into energy, which is then converted into electricity through an inverter.

How the solar panels are installed?

The ideal place to install solar panels for home is the roof. You need specific panel placement along with additional wiring. While most of us are unaware of the solar installation process, it is best left in the hands of pros to handle all the installing.

How to find a quality solar installation service provider?

  • Look for a service provider who supplies specific home based solar panels, and are experienced in the industry.
  • Your solar panel and the inverter must come with substantial warranty, as these are a long-term investment, and you would want to get durable efficiency.
  • Contact a service provider who provides installation themselves, as it would make them more accountable, and you will get cost-effective service too.
  • Also note, that you need to take requisite permit from the concerned authority for solar panel installation. This you can consult with your service provider.

What is the cost and duration of solar panel installation?

One thing that you need to be aware of is that solar installation is not so much cheap, yet not so expensive like a few years back. So, look for the quality first, and make sure to go through price comparison as well. Solar installation usually takes a few days, depending on the frequency of the service and installation process.

Are there any tax benefits tax benefits?

Depending on which state you live, you are entitled to avail certain percentage tax credits. Some states also provide residents with the property tax exemption if they are installing solar panels for home.

Apart from considering all the above stated facts, be aware that to get maximum efficiency with your solar panel installation in NYC,or any other city, your roof should receive direct sunlight during the day. You also need to ensure that trees, chimney or tall buildings are not blocking the sunlight.