After you have installed solar panels, the first thing that comes to your mind is to how to get maximum performance from the solar panels.

As, most probably, you are new to this, our following advice will help you to get the most out of your commercial or residential solar power systems.

  1. Keep the solar panels clean

The first and foremost thing is to keep your solar panels always clean. While solar panels are built to run, without you ever being needed to touch them, the glass and the panels do get dirty. So, routinely implement a cleaning process. How you clean them? This answer can be well answered by your home or commercial solar panel installation service provider.

  1. Keep the panels out of the shades

After you have installed the panels, make sure that they get most of the sunlight during the day, and are out of the shades. If there are trees nearby blocking the sunlight to the panel, better you trim them.

  1. Use your appliances wisely

Some days, especially in the summers the solar power generation can be in excess. Though, the excess power generated is exported to the grid, optimizing its use can help the household to take full advantage of the surplus energy. Arranging for the use of appliances during the daytime will help in maximizing the use of the solar energy. Run high-wattage appliances during the sunny days, like washing machines, pool heaters, vacuum cleaners and so.

  1. Update the appliances

Solar energy will fulfill most of your energy needs, but still you will have to depend on traditional electricity service when the weather is not good, and outside of daylight hours. For that time, using current-standard energy efficient appliances will help a lot in cutting down electricity bill costs.

  1. Monitor the solar panel performance

Just like many people keep a tab on their electricity supply consumption, keeping a record of how much energy is produced by the solar panel is vital. This way you will know how much energy is consumed by the appliances, and can schedule their usage and change your routines accordingly to maximize the solar power usage.

The idea is to make the home or the commercial building as much self-consuming as possible, to gain economically. You must consult the professional at first regarding your power usage,so that you can maximize the size of the commercial or residential solar power systems depending on your energy consumption.