When you decide to opt for solar power, the most obvious installation choice which comes to you is rooftop. But, you should know that rooftop is not the only option they have, they can also opt for ground-mount installation also.

But, which one is better as a home solar power system for you? To answer this question, we explore both of these types’ factors.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Installing a rooftop solar system is economical, as the roof eliminates the need for any additional mounting structure. There are some other factors which make rooftop solar installation your viable option:

  • Your roof receives ideal sunlight for effective functioning of the solar panels and has adequate space, with no obstruction from nearby buildings, trees and so
  • You want to optimize the roof space, as there will be no need to clear any extra land on the front or back yard
  • You want a streamlined panel fitting with your existing rooftop structure
  • You are looking for a faster and easier installation process
  • The panels will act as a protective shield to your roof, against weather conditions, wear and tear

Ground-Mount Solar Panel Installation

Ground-mounted solar installations are less common than rooftop. The factors which make ground-mount system more viable option for your home:

  • Your roof is not ideal for installing the solar panels, due to not having enough roof space, or sunlight obstructions such as nearby trees or building
  • The roof shape doesn’t accommodate solar panels
  • The roof material is such hat it is difficult to work with solar installation
  • Your house has a large unused land area, that you want to utilize by installing a large solar PV system
  • You want to install the panels in a south-facing direction, which is not possible with your roof
  • You want to be able to adjust the solar panels seasonally to maximize its power generation potential


Considering these important factors, you need to decide which is ideal and suitable installation option for your solar panels for home.