Solar Energy is by far the most abundant and beneficial renewable source of energy, and this is why moving to solar energy source has become a favorable option for homeowners as well as businesses. It not only helps to save money, but also improve the environment, along with adding value to the property.

If you are looking to install solar panels for home, then apart from costing and installation process aspects, there is one other thing that you should pay full attention to – Is your roof ready for solar installation? Below detailed points will help you analyze if your roof is right for the solar power installation:

Roof Space

The first and foremost condition for roof based solar installation is that it should have large, uninterrupted space. This allows for organized and suitable installation of panels in rows.

Roof Type

There are some types of roof, which are much better for solar panels and are more common, like Asphalt shingle. Flat roofs are also ideal for solar installation. However, if you have the enough space for solar installation, then any roof is suitable for solar panel installation. Some roof types may require additional costs and more delicate process, and for that, your solar installers can ideally provide you with the best possible evaluation.

Roof Age

Installing home solar power system on an old and weary roof is a certain no-no. It can not only pose a chance of damage to the roof during installation, but when you will go through re-roofing, you will also incur additional expenses to remove and re-install the solar panels. Do go through a thorough analysis and examine the life of your roof. If it is not going to be replaced for another 10-15 years, then it is ideal for solar panel installation.

Roof Direction

To produce more energy, your panels need to receive maximum sunlight all day long. This is why you need to examine which direction is your roof facing, and does it get maximum exposure to the sun.

For better and thorough evaluation, it is better to consult your installation provider for solar panels for home to conduct a thorough assessment. This will help in making the best decision for maximizing the output from your home solar power system.