Residential Solar NY QueensWhen installing solar panels, a common question that pops up in the mind is – ‘How many solar panels do I need?

To decide on the exact figure, you need to go through a calculated and analytical approach. You need to calculate how much energy you are using currently, because that will be the energy production target for you with the solar system. Then, calculate what is your roof surface area and how much access you have to the sunlight. This will help you to compute the number of solar panels you will need to meet your target energy production.

It is better to consult your residential or commercial solar panel installation provider to get a clear idea. Apart from that, follow the below appended steps:

Energy Requirement

Check your average energy use, assessing  your past electrical bills. Calculate your daily usage by dividing the monthly or annual average by 30 or 365 respectively. Add a 25% cushion to the computed average daily usage, because solar panel’s efficiency can reduce at times due to weather conditions.

Roof Space

You need to thoroughly measure your roof space to check how many panels your property can accommodate. You can only install panels that will fit on the roof. Also make sure to calculate the number of hours when you get peak sunlight hours. If the number of peak sunlight hours is high, then a fewer number of panels would be able to produce your required energy.

Calculate The No. of Panels

Divide your property’s hourly energy requirement by solar panels’ wattage (PV solar panels range in between 150 to 345 watts). This will give you an estimated idea of how many solar panels you need to meet your energy requirements.

After this, your installer will inspect the roof, angle to the sun and will provide you a clear picture of how you would have to arrange the panels. In addition to this, also look at the costs of the panels, and consult the professional about how you can get New York solar incentives and other rebates.