Promsun is made up of an experienced team of industry professionals who have comprehensive practical knowledge and experience in design, engineering, and installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems for homes, businesses, non-profit organizations, and institutions.

Our installers through high-quality training and education provide all support required and direct guidance in every aspect of executing solar projects. All projects are designed to gain and satisfy our clients requirements and guarantee Return on Investment. To further support client requirements, Promsun constantly endeavors to enhance solutions and services as well as benefit from present and new clients, teaming up with a wide variety of supporting partners with a view to engaging in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential level solar projects. Promsun is committed to solar for the long term and we are your Neighborhood Solar Specialist!

The concept of our company is founded upon using the very latest technology to boost the success of renewable energy. Our companywide teams of skilled professionals carry decades of engineering experience, project management coverage as well as a broad knowledge within the field of building project development. All our designs incorporate the best energy standards; DC Power Optimization, wireless mesh network communications, module and string-level monitoring as well as surge suppression.
Each of our clients has benefited from our custom made Solar PV System. In fact, we don’t offer solutions that are not customized.
• Promsun is your local solar choice, who provides safe, simple and complete solutions so that you can take full advantage of converting sunlight into usable energy.
• Promsun has a broad range of options for financing, which include loan plans that will help you bring your solar system dreams to fruition at an affordable price.
• Our company’s certified, skilled and professional installation teams, as well as our knowledgeable customer care staff, will make sure you have peace of mind well into the future.
• Promsun is an approved solar panel installer for the Northeast Renewable Energy Fund rebate program.
• Our certified electricians and solar panel installers are all employed by us.
• Our company is licensed and bonded.
• The members of staff at Promsun will work with you from design to the completed installation.

Included in all of our systems are:
• Zero deposit financing
• 25-year guarantee
• Manufacturer guarantee
• Local incentives
• Utility administration
• Energy Consumption and Monitoring
• Certified Installation NABCEP
Promsun is able to uphold the highest safety standards and continuously recommends new solutions that improve overall energy production performance. Each and every client is provided with the advantages of cutting-edge renewable technologies. Bearing this objective in mind, companywide system servicing is reduced, simpler to keep track of and manage our projects.
Our aim is to merge our competence in renewable energy with well-situated companies that provide the best technolgy selection to pre-existing and new customers. Business goals for any company need to be unique and for that reason, an all-inclusive and customized strategy needs to be set up with a view to developing a photovoltaic energy system to fully meet the needs of your clients. As we are committed to staying updated within global innovations in PV products, we’re using global leading manufacturers of solar modules, inverters as well as racking systems.  We give our assurance that the highest and most efficient solar power generation system will be provided at a value for money cost.

To project profitability, which could have evaporated through inadequate stability and system outages, Promsun fully understands that the production of solar PV energy is crucial. For this reason, the choice of equipment, system components, and system design are fundamental to every Promsun project in realizing the expected ROI.
Our company makes every effort possible to provide complete stability and optimize total lifetime savings through the continuing development of the perfect solar PV system formula. To maximize stability and reliability in solar applications, Promsun creates superior custom-made designs, specific to the site installation and guarantees equipment selection. For the projects, we build, operate and maintain in the often severe Northeast environment, our operational guidelines make a big contribution to system reliability.
Installing hundreds of megawatts (MW) of renewable power by 2022 is the ambitious goal of the Northeast. A sustainable and renewable energy base ought to be the entire planets goal. Today, your business faces some of the highest expenses in fuel and utility costs and as these expenses become more volatile, you will need an alternative which enables you to control these expenditures such as converting from fossil fuel-based power for the environment and your bottom line.
Our customer service, system design, and performance are all second to none. Perhaps the question you’re asking yourself is ‘What are the main differences between one system and the other?’ Although it’s fair to say that there are infinitely many configurations for solar systems, we use our extensive industry experience in the field of installation that gives us the guidelines to choose the most efficient solution for you the client.
There are many elements taken into consideration when selecting the best solar solution for your project such as roof tilt, orientation, roof type, physical limitations, off the roof options as well as your electrical infrastructure. Naturally, your installation should do more than simply function, but instead, should look stunning in unison with your property and out-perform any other possible configuration for your project.