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The sun is a never-ending source of energy. You should be able to harvest this source to meet your electricity needs.

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Knowledge, expertise, good people and collaboration. We make the impossible possible

Promsun undertake extensive designs together with unit installation of photovoltaic power systems for commercial and domestic households. We deliver cost effective renewable energy by means of clean solar technologies. Moreover, we can provide ground-mounted or roof-mounted or maybe pole-mounted systems. We provide unique and custom made Solar Consulting Solutions for businesses, companies, financial institutions, schools and communities.


Promsun deals and offers many different product designs to meet our clients’ requirements. We design every product to fulfill the requirement specifications for overall efficiency and long lifespan. Promsun has provided solar engineering solutions to numerous clienteles with particular emphasis on specialized technology designs architecture. We handle and keep control of each project from conceptual planning to its completion, even as we utilize only first grade components, which enable us to handle the entire unit installation process right through to commissioning and interconnection.

Solar Technology

Solar energy technology is the one that uses energy of the sun energy and light to produce electricity, heat, light, hot water etc. There are a various technologies that have been developed to take advantage of solar energy.

Project Management

At Promsun we offer a large selection of options regarding system design, to fit your individualized needs. All systems are built with performance and endurance in mind. Our clientele comes from all sorts of backgrounds, but we are mostly focused on customized engineering and system design. All our projects begin from as early as the drawing board, and we take them all the way to final commissioning and interconnection.

Electricity Generation

As the world becomes technology driven day by day, you find an increase in the demand for electricity. You can overcome this electricity crisis by installing a photovoltaic (PV) solar system on your rooftop to cater to your daily electricity needs.

Solar Consulting

Promsun offers individualized Solar Consulting Services for industrial, commercial, financial, educational, and municipal institutions. Our specialty is to equip you with the most efficient photovoltaic solution that matches your needs. We start by assessing your energy requirements and then we design an efficient proposal that will significantly cut down on your energy costs while making your facilities more environmentally friendly.

Helping the Atmosphere

Solar power is one of the most amazing renewable technologies accessible to us today. It is the remarkable choice to support decrease CO2 emission in our environment and it is financially feasible for most house owners and businesses.

Engineering + Design

Promsun leads the ever-growing solar panel market. We offer a large selection of options regarding system design, to fit your individualized needs. All systems are built with performance and endurance in mind. Our clientele comes from all sorts of backgrounds, but we are mostly focused on customized engineering and system design. All our projects begin from as early as the drawing board, and we take them all the way to final commissioning and interconnection.


Our team implements all available technology innovation, incentive programs and financing tools to make every project a SUCCESS!


In just one generation we can design and build the healthiest and greenest environment that would improve quality of life and economic opportunity for future generations.


We provide real and flawless solar energy service to our numerous customers. We have the capacity and expertise to execute your own home solar unit installation from start to finish, therefore, you can trust us for that professional solar installation that will give you rest of mind even as our seasoned installers provide your home with the right solar system.

In order to assist you get the perfect solar power to meet your home energy need, we can help you plan your financial budget even as we develop a convenient financing plan that works well with your long term desired objectives.

In our service plan, we include supervision and maintenance as our ongoing plan to ensuring that you enjoy the quality of our service without extra costs.

ASAP help me propose a well thought out plan for my small neighborhood. There’s a great possibility that without their expertise we never would’ve come this far.
Jessica May
Jessica May
Thank you, team, for coming in and knocking out the job fast and reliably. I’m definitely going to recommend their services to my mother-in-law.
Peter Madwin
Peter Madwin
They really worked with me and my tight schedule – I couldn’t thank them enough for helping me take the right steps forward to reducing the size of my ecological “footprint”.
Maya Stafford
Maya Stafford