Why You Should Go Solar?

Everyone would have heard that solar panels could save money. It is undoubtedly true. People think that installing solar panels would be an expensive affair. In fact, it is not so. Solar panels have become cheaper by more than 60% over the last few years. This is the perfect time for you to go solar. We, at Promsun can be of great assistance to you in the matter.

What Attracts Solar to Homeowners and Investors?

In today’s scenario, solar power is an efficient as well as an affordable source of alternative energy. You are paying your electric bills on time. As you can afford them, going solar would be very easy. In case you cannot afford your electric bills, then there is more reason for you to go solar.

Electricity prices are rising day by day. This is the ripe time for homeowners to become independent by switching over to solar energy. Over the years, more people have started the switch over to solar energy, thus opting for an environmentally clean way of lowering the electricity bill. Your electric bill can run into more than a hundred dollars on a monthly basis. On installing the solar system, you literally get the power free. It has its own method of functioning.

In recent times, solar technology has made great improvements. There has been a dramatic fall in the prices of solar panels over the last few years, making this form of alternate energy a cost effective exercise in comparison with traditional sources of energy. Since 2008, the costs of solar panels have come down by 60%. It is now easy as well as affordable to convert to solar. We agree that utility rates might go up in the future. However, having a solar system on your own will enable you to earn a fixed sum for the entire life of the asset. In fact, you can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill or even eliminate it on installation of a solar panel array at your home. You can truly save a lot.

Attractive Reasons for You to Switch to Solar Energy

• Benefits in Cost Savings. Investing in solar today can result in huge savings tomorrow.

– This can reduce your electricity bill drastically or even eliminate it.
– You start generating a positive cash flow.
– As of now, no down payment is necessary for purchasing solar panels. You get 100% financing.
– This can protect you against future electric rate increments.
– Clean as well as renewable energy at a fixed cost
– You get an Investment Tax Credit @ 30% for commercial properties off the total cost of installation.
– Residential homeowners can get a Federal tax credit @ 30% off the total cost of installation.
– You are eligible for various state incentives as well. Examples:

  • New York NYSERDA provides cash incentives for the new grid-connected Electric Photovoltaic (PV) system installations
  • Connecticut Solar Power pays its residents a performance-based incentive to reduce the burden of out of pocket expenses.
  • New Jersey Solar Power has a system of issuing solar Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s). You can trade them for cash. The best part is that you start to earn REC’s from the first month your system becomes operational. They issue One REC for each Megawatt you system produces for 15 years. There is a mandate for power companies to purchase these REC’s as per New Jersey’s portfolio standard.

– Solar systems can add to the resale value of your home by about 17%. At the same time, they do not add to your property tax.
– The commercial solar systems have a 4-year average rate of return in comparison for a 6-year average return for residential systems. Subsequent to that, you earn the revenue for a lifetime of the system.

• Net Zero Energy

Your home could become an ideal net zero energy home. It means you produce as much or more electric current as you use. You need not depend upon other sources of energy at all.

• Net Metering

The system is such that it connects directly to your electricity grid. Any excess production on your part will earn you credits for use on a rainy day or during nighttime.

• 25-year Warranty Period

Initially, it may seem a daunting task. However, a solar energy system is the easiest to maintain. In fact, maintenance is negligible. You are eligible for a 25-year warranty. Researchers believe that solar systems have a lifetime of up to 35 years.

• Renewable Source

There is no dearth of raw material as long as the sun shines in the sky.

• Sustainability

There is tremendous scope for solar energy to meet the demands of the future.

• Energy Independent

You get your raw materials, i.e. sunlight free of cost. You need not rely on fossil fuels or any other sources. Solar power, in addition to being a domestic source of electricity, contributes to the national energy security. Such systems produce enough electricity to power more than a million American homes. It is an irony that in spite of owning your home as well as car, you remain hostage to some of the utility monopolies. You have the choice to free yourself from this bondage and produce your own energy.

• Environment Friendly

This is a very clean source of energy. There is no question of any environmental pollution. By
going solar, you contribute to the betterment of the environment in the following manner.

– Reduce air pollution
– Installation of one residential solar system is equivalent to planting of one and a half acres of trees.
– Eliminate CO2 (Carbon di-oxide) emissions and thus reduce global warming
– Eliminate SO2 (Sulfur di-oxide)and NO (Nitrous Oxide) that are the prime causes of acid rain
– Ensure a clean and beautiful planet for the future generations

Installation Types

Promsun has expertise in building every type of roof or ground mounted solar photovoltaic array. This includes the following.

– Solar Direct Mount Racking System
– Ballasted Roof Solar Mounting System
– Ground Mounted Solar Arrays
– Architectural PV Pergolas and PV Carports
The advantage is that our prices are attractive.

Making Solar Simple

There are many ways to save money. We will explain all the options available to you enabling you to make an informed choice. We request you to give us an opportunity to prove that this is the best time to go solar. We have the expertise to show how this would be beneficial to both your house as well as business. We will produce the numbers and let you decide for yourself. The return on investment would make your job that much easier.

You will be happy to note that this advice is available to you free of cost. Our consultants will show you how to save money. You have only to make a call to us. In case you require a free solar site survey, you are welcome to call 1-866-802-5523.